Our success – people we employ.
STARS brings you the very best team for your child and family.


Kristie and Valerie have big hearts when it comes to helping others, especially children. The formation of STARS happened because of this desire to help others and for their love of Early Intervention. There has been a lot of hard work and dedication put into building STARS from the ground up. Kristie and Valerie agree that it has not been an easy process, but do believe that it has certainly been worth it. The future of STARS remains bright and what started out as a blank canvas continues to transform into a beautiful masterpiece. They look forward to partnering with you as they continue their journey in the community.

Our Support Team

Kristen Voithofer
Kristen VoithoferCoordinator of Children’s Services
Danelle Mahokey
Danelle MahokeyCoordinator of Children’s Services

Our Therapists

Dawn Altman
Dawn AltmanSpeech Language Pathologist
Jamie Bate
Jamie BateSpeech Language Pathologist
Melodi Bryner
Melodi BrynerPhysical Therapist
Destiny Chambers
Destiny ChambersSpecial Instructor
Jenna Gillin
Jenna GillinOccupational Therapist
Mallorie Hough
Mallorie HoughOccupational Therapist
Mandy Kanouff
Mandy KanouffOccupational Therapist
Jennifer Keller-Lott
Jennifer Keller-LottPhysical Therapist
Nancy Koenig
Nancy KoenigPhysical Therapist
Meghen Milinovich
Meghen MilinovichOccupational Therapist
Walinda Nicholson
Walinda NicholsonTeacher - Visually Impaired
Ashley Poland
Ashley PolandPhysical Therapist
Nicole Shaneyfelt
Nicole Shaneyfelt Occupational Therapist
Kristi Stephenson
Kristi StephensonSpecial Instructor
Kelly Trott
Kelly TrottSpeech Language Pathologist
Emily Yanak
Emily YanakSpecial Instructor

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